Tenielle MaGee

I am a Physical Therapist licensed in the Province of Alberta by Physiotherapy Alberta College and Association. I am authorized to perform the following restricted activities: spinal manipulation, dry needling, and diagnostic imaging.  I am a dedicated and experienced Physical Therapist with over 18 years of experience evaluating and effectively managing the treatment of patients. I have proven track record of accurately assessing the needs of patients and creating appropriate treatment plans to best address their needs. I use objective measures and research evaluation to help execute my treatment plansI have extensive experience in the management of pain in patients with physical injuries. This includes, but is not exclusive to, improving range of movement, strength, movement patterns, and motor programming, along with function through well-executed rehabilitation processesI have a special interest in complex motor vehicle accidents and chronic pain. I have 5 years of specialized work in the Occupational Health field where I conducted pre-employment musculoskeletal testing and fitness testing. For the past 5 years,  my team has been providing insurance companies, employers and lawyers with objective, independent and non-partisan functional capacity evaluations and rehabilitative recommendations for their clients.  

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