Return To Work Recommendations

Return to work recommendations are listed treatment plans or outlined programs to improve a person’s functional job-specific abilities. These recommendations can help individuals return to a previously held job position or accommodate new job opportunities.


Return to work recommendations outline a customized report of advised treatments, frequency of attendance, and duration of program in order to match a person’s physical abilities to the demands of their job and work environment.


Who Can Benefit From Return to Work Recommendations?

  • Individuals injured at work trying to return to the same employer or to find a new job.
  • Individuals seeking daily activity goals following an injury or illness.
  • Individuals seeking to determine their skills and the extent of support required to perform at a particular job.


Components of Return to Work Recommendations
The components of these recommendations will vary based on the findings of a previous Functional Capacity Evaluation and the current physical abilities of the client.
Return to work recommendations usually include;

  • A quantitative measure of the client’s current functional abilities as they relate to the Canadian Classification & National Occupational Classification physical demand categories.
    [Physical Demand Categories include: Limited (11 lbs), Light (22 lbs), Medium (44 lbs), Heavy (over 44 lbs)]
  • The expected required physical demand level of the job position the client may return to, based on a Physical Job Demands Analysis (JDA), the Canadian National Occupation Classification, and/or discussion with the employer.
  • A list of job demand activities that the client did not meet during their assessment, and may need to work on to a full-duties job.
  • An outlined list of treatments with frequency, duration, and expected costs as recommended by Navisess assessment specialists & supportive research.

The client may then be directed to begin these outlined treatments and programs and would work with a multidisciplinary team to achieve return-to-work goals.


The Navisess Advantage

Navisess recommendations and return to work programming are supported by research-based evidence, they nclude adaptations & considerations for each individual’s limitations, and can be completed virtually or at our private state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities.
We collaborate with employers, physicians, insurance companies, legal consultation, and other supportive parties to ensure the most complete care for clients.


Referral and Payment for Return to Work Recommendations

Return to Work Recommendations are often paid for by workers’ compensation plans; self-insured plans; individual insurance plans; federal, provincial, and/or local agencies; managed care plans; individuals themselves, employers, or legal firms.


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